Homelessness among trans community, Dying to Know campaign, "We Take Back Our Mother Tongues" Pasifika and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts event, public billboard art "Journeying"

Wednesday, 20 April 2022 - 7:00am to 8:30am

7.15 am Jacob speaks with Terence Humphries and Jade Winter from LGBTQIA+ youth services provider Twenty10 about the incidence of homelessness among trans people and how we can create a safe society to protect our community.


7.30am Ella speaks with Susan Goldie, the National Lead for End of Life Strategy at CCNB Limited Community Care and Wellbeing about how to talk about end of life and the Dying to Know campaign, an initiative of The Groundswell Project. 


7.50am We speak to Ripley Kavara, Creative Director of the Pasifika and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander multidisciplinary arts event called "We Take Back Our Mother Tongues". The event centres black, queer and transgender voices and is coming to the North Melbourne Town Hall May 6th and 7th. Interview prepared and researched by Jacob Gamble, interview conducted by Ella Tooms and Claudia Craig



8.15am Claudia speaks with mixed cultural First People's artist Lisa Woup about her current work "Journeyed" - a public roadside artwork exploring the significance of the ubiquitous road sign - on display at 2061 Frankston-Flinders Road Hastings VIC 3915 until 8 May 2022.