We Are Not Numbers, Oxfam On Yemen, National Union of Students about Labor's Amendments, Assange Campaign

Wednesday, 3 April 2024 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Image credit: We Are Not Numbers Aus


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7.10am We speak with Veronique from We Are Not Numbers Aus spoke about their upcoming silent vigil in Adelaide, media silence on their events and the unconscionable ongoing genocide.


7.30am We speak with Lucia Goldsmith Head of Humanitarian Aid Oxfam Australia discussed the ongoing civil war in Yemen and the need for humanitarian assistance as 20 million people face hunger.


7.45am We speak with Ella Gutteridge from the National Union of Students about Labor's amendments to the migration bill, the implication for refugees and the rally at Flinders Steps at 5pm on Friday 5th April.


8.00am Camp Sovereignty update


8.05am Greg Barns SC, advisor to the Julian Assange campaign, joined us to talk through the implications of the recent UK High Court decision in this case, and how it impacts media freedom internationally.


8.20am Community Annoucements


Songs //

Salute to Gaza / Edward Said National Conservatory of Music

A Silent History / Trudi & Phil Edgeley, 

Black Boy / Emily Wurramara