First Friday in February, Kirby Fenwick speaks about storytelling, women's voices and the barriers faced by women in sport and sports media.

Wednesday, 4 January 2023 - 7:00am to 8:30am


4th January 2023 Summer Special - Women in Sport

Hosted by Claudia Craig


The First Friday in February

A feature audio documentary showcasing the voices of women witnessing the inaugural AFLW match


7:00 AM Acknowledgement of Country


7:01AM Writer/audio producer Kirby Fenwick speaks with Claudia about the making of The First Friday in February and why it is important to capture women's voices and historic moments in time. Kirby also discusses the marginalisation of women in sport and sports media. (First aired on Wednesday Breakfast 23/11/22)


7.13 AM Full-length broadcast of The First Friday in February, a feature-length audio documentary showcasing the memories of women present at the first ever AFLW match. Through their voices, you will relive the summer night when 24, 500 fans filled Princes Park, Melbourne, to witness history in the making. 

The First Friday in February won the 2018 Victorian Oral History Award. It is broadcast with the permission of audio producer Kirby Fenwick. 

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The First Friday in February is supported by a grant from RMIT University.