Energy Transition, Scientist Rebellion, Anti Poverty, and Artemis: Utter Mess at La Mama

Wednesday, 4 May 2022 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Anti Poverty Centre Event on Tonight

Wednesday Breakfast 

with Claudia and Jacob //


7.10AM: Lurion De Mello from Macquarie Business School spoke with Evan Wallace about the international energy crisis and the risk that fuel shortages and surging fossil fuel prices present to decarbonising efforts. //


7:18AM: Loy Yang coal industry worker Tony Wolfe advocates for the transition to renewables speaking at last week's Workers for Climate Action event. //


7.35AM: Voyteck Michael Bereza from Scientist Rebellion spoke with Jacob about climate misinformation, the climate crisis, and the organisation. //


7.55AM: Kristin O'Connell from the Antipoverty Centre spoke with Claudia about welfare, housing affordability, and the cycle of poverty. Details of their event tonight 'The politician's role in dismantling the poverty machine' can be found here. //


8.15AM: Artemis Muñoz spoke with Jacob about their upcoming play Artemis: Utter Mess happening at La Mama Theatre May 17-22. Artemis: Utter Mess explores labels and the difference between the words that confine us and the words that set us free. Tickets available here. //




Jive Baby on a Saturday Night, The Jellies

Little Sunflower, Dorothy Ashby

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