Court Win For Our Environment - What Now?

Wednesday, 24 June 2020 - 7:00am to 8:30am

(0:00:00) Acknowledgement of Country.


(0:20:00) At the beginning of this month of June, The Federal Court ruled that Vic Forests – a timber company owned by the Victorian government – breached environmental laws when they destroyed the habitat of the critically endangered Leadbeater’s possumas well as the vulnerable greater gliderToday we’ll be speaking to Alexia Wellbelove, Senior Campaign Manager of Humane Society International’s Campaign about the Leadbeater possum’s win and how we can expect theirs and other forest campaigns to continue on for further victories in court. 

(0:42:00) This week’s Tram Thought looks at the newly introduced plans for further education fees in Australia. We discuss whether the plans are a good or bad thing and what they say about the Australian government’s view on education. 

(0:59:00) We speak to Chris from Gecko to discuss recent halts in logging in the 7 different coupes across Victoria. We discuss the corruption of Vic Forests and the Andrews Government in destroying habitat. 



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Blakfulla Lives Matter – June 23rd  (Live stream available on Youtube under Dardi Munwurro) 


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