Egyptian Government has arrested 57 people for holding up a rainbow flag, Privacy vs scrutiny, Pin Gap Protesters face possible jail, Alternative facts do exist, Local resident in Katherine speaks out of poisoned water supply

Wednesday, 25 October 2017 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Wednesday Breakfast Rundown 25th October 2017
With Kate Aubrey, Judith Peppard, Nick Wallis and Patty Beggs. 

Egyptian Government has arrested 57 people for holding up a rainbow flag at a concert. Hope Mathumbu from Tuesday Breakfast speaks with Ivo, a Toronto-based activist working with the Egyptian No H8 Campaign, as well as Solidarity with LGBTQI Egypt to find out more. 7:30am

Privacy vs scrutiny of public profiles
Dr. Jennifer in to discuss her latest article sparked by a twitter storm on Barnaby Joyces life decisions. 

Pilgrims arrested performing a lament at Pine Gap
Margaret Pretorius and four others from the faith-based antiwar group, Pine Gap Pilgrims, were arrested in September last year after breaching the perimeter of Pine Gap, the joint US-Australian defence facility outside Alice Springs. Margaret spoke to Wednesday Breakfast about the reasons for the protest and their performance of a lament for the war dead.

Alternative facts do exist: beliefs, lies and politics
Exploring how scientific and political truth's differ with Lochlan Morrissey

Merlyn Smith local resident in Katherine effected by the recent contamination scandal of PFAS chemicals leaked into groundwater by Australian defence bases across. The community has been advised to dilute water they drink, meanwhile the local pool is drained and too dangerous to swim in.
See Four Corners report for more information: