Out of the Blue

Sunday 11:30am to 12:00pm
Information about marine and coastal environments. News and interviews with marine scientists, campaigners and conservation workers. Presented by volunteer broadcasters who are passionate about marine environments, both local and across the world.

Andrew, Erin, Heather, James and Matt.


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About Out of the Blue

Dedicated to the dissemination of news and information regarding marine and coastal environments, Out of the Blue keeps listeners up-to-date by sharing news, information, research, campaigns and new discoveries relating to our oceans.

We cover issues both local and global, and endeavour to speak with the experts - be they scientists, industry representatives, organisations, students or otherwise.

Dive in with us every Sunday from 11:30am – 12pm.

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Andrew Christie is a lecturer in aquaculture, aquatic environmental management, and marine biology at Melbourne Polytechnic. He is also President of Marine Care Point Cooke, an avid snorkeler, diver and underwater photographer.

James Whitmore is a writer and journalist with a passion for the environment. He was previously an editor at The Conversation, and in 2015 co-authored The Handbook: surviving and living with climate change.