Women's Lived Experience in Decarceration and Carceral Resistance, the Maribynong Flood, the Perils of the Horseracing Industry, Bulk Buying Electric Vehicules

Tuesday, 1 November 2022 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Women's Lived Experience in Decarceration & Carceral Resistance

We replay an excerpt from the forum event, Women's Lived Experience in Decarceration and Carceral Resistance, organised by Fitzroy Legal Service on Monday 24th October. We hear from Elena Campbell (CIJ - RMIT University) and Karen Fletcher (Flat Out) talking about the ways in which the system is currently failing women. //

We replay another excerpt from the forum event. This time we hear from Nina (Homes Not Prisons, Women Transformative Justice) and Sara (Homes Not Prisons, Women Transformative Justice). In this segment Nina and Sara discuss Victorian's broken bail laws as well as the community services and grassroots action that are needed to keep women out of the criminal system. //
You can access the audio for the entire discussion evening here. //
We replay Priya's discussion with Liz Crash on Thursday Breakfast 20 October 2022. They discuss urban planning as well as the floodwall that diverted floodwaters away from the Flemington Racecourse and towards homes in Maribynong and Flemington. //
We speak to Kristin Leigh from the Coalition for the Protection of Horses about the perils of horseracing and their latest Deathwatch report, which collected data from official race day reports from every state and territory in Australia of the horses who have died in racing and the reasons why. //
We speak to Kay Wenegal from Darebin Climate Action Now (DCAN) about a community initiative to make EVs more affordable through a bulk buying arrangement in the northern suburbs of Naarm/Melbourne. //