Revisiting the Collapse of Youpla, Rebalancing the Internet Economy, Ongoing Strike at University of Sydney, BUOY - Pushing Boundaries of Gravity, Space, Sound and Time

Tuesday, 31 May 2022 - 7:00am to 8:30am
NTEU strike at University of Sydney. Image: Green Left.

We revisit Kannagi's conversation with Sam Rudolph, Aboriginal Policy Officer at the Consumer Action Law Centre, about Youpla (formally known as Aboringal Community Benefit Fund) - the funeral fund that recently went into liquidation due to financial collapse. This interview originally aired 26 April 2022. //

Sam Floreani from Digital Rights Watch speaks to Kannagi about their upcoming event with Music Victoria this Thursday called Create - the final event in their community based research project on rebalancing the internet economy. //


Dani Cotton, PhD candidate and casual university worker, talks to Kannagi about the ongoing strike at the University of Sydney, workers rights and the importance of industrial action. //


Carmen Madison, creative producer and director, speaks with Gen about BoilOver theatre company and their new production BUOY, showcasing performers of diverse ability, coming up on Friday 3 June. //