Positive Powerful Parents, economic crisis in Sri Lanka, women in STEM and IDAHOBIT

Tuesday, 17 May 2022 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Tamil Refugee Council protestor hold microphone in front of marching protesters holding banners
  • Political and economic crisis worsens in Sri Lanka
  • Nakba last Sunday! (PT can speak about Naarm event)
  • Racially motivated shooting in Buffalo, NY
  • Death of LGBTIQA+ activist Urvashi Vaid
  • The Sunday Paper #2
  • Only Indigenous support in Blue Mountains facing closure
  • Election this Saturday

We replay 3CR's Raising our Voices Susan Arthur and Heather Smith speak about Positive Powerful Parents (PPP) a support group set up by Parents with Intellectual Disabilities to keep their children. Positive Powerful Parents want the Victorian Government to committ to ending the discrimination of parents with intellectual disability.

We revisit Women on the Line's Scheherazade conversation with Michel, a researcher completing their Honours in Anthropology at the University of Melbourne. In their discussion, Scheherezade and Michel look into the Freedom movements in Melbourne as well as the upcoming Federal elections.

Gen speaks to Dr Niro Kandasamy, a Lecturer in History at the University of Sydney and member and spokesperson for the Tamil Refugee Council, about the current events unfolding in Sri Lanka, what led to these events and what could happen in the future for Sri Lanka.

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Also, follow Niro on Twitter for updates on Sri Lanka
Kannagi speaks with Shreyasi Mukerji, a mechanical engineering from Cornell University. Shreyasi draws from her own experiences and writes about women in STEM and has founded STEMinism.co, which is an intersectional feminist website that discusses and fights for women's issues in STEM industries.
Gen speaks to Emma Shannon, one of the Health Promotion Team Leaders at Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health, about IDAHOBIT events happening in Sunbury, including a raise the flag ceremony and art exhibitions. Check out what's happening on the website https://sunburycobaw.org.au/idahobit-celebrations/