New Anti-Protest Laws, Consenting Cities, Occupy for Climate Narrm, An.Other Collective, 25 Years Since Jabiluka Blockade - No to AUKUS Art Auction

Tuesday, 30 May 2023 - 7:00am to 8:30am
25 years since Jabiluka Blockade - No to AUKUS Art Auction

Alana Mountain from Dirt Radio speaks to Eva Davis Jones, citizen scientist and forest activist, about the new protest laws that have come into effect in Victoria/. The full episode aired on 20 May 2023//


Associate Professor Nicole Kalms, Research Director of Monash University's XYX Labs, speaks to Kannagi about their new interactive experience Consenting Cities in Melbourne and Venice asking audiences how we can make public spaces safer for women and gender diverse people//


Catherine Strong from Extinction Rebellion speaking to Annie from Solidarity Breakfast about the 3-day Occupy for Climate Melbourne campaigns that took place over the weekend. The full episode aired on 27 May 2023//


Mayy, Farhana, Fazilat and Vina from An.Other Collective, a community of Muslim women creatives that navigates the intersection of faith, identity and culture, speak with Phuong for Women on the Line about the white male dominated perspective in the creative/design industry and the importance of having community spaces where people can freely be themselves. The full episode aired on Monday 29 May 2023//


Sanne Deswart, Coordinator of the Nuclear Free Collective at Friends of the Earth Melbourne, speaks with Phuong about the upcoming art auction 25 years since Jabiluka Blockade - No to AUKUS Art Auction. To register as an artist please complete this form.//