Mardi Gras and the Equality Bill, Accessible Tram Stops on Sydney Road, Free Palestine, Protesting Labor's Complicity in Genocide, Supporting Women on Temporary Partner Visas

Tuesday, 4 June 2024 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Free Palestine rally 2 June 2024

Rohen from Pride in Protest spoke about the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras's decision to bar politicians from attending Mardi Gras if they oppose the Equality Bill. This Equality Bill would expand rights of trans and gender diverse people in NSW. 



As the 1-year anniversary of the rally to demand permanent accessible tram stops along Sydney Road approaches, Farida Iqbal joins us to give an update on the ongoing campaign and to tell us about the 1st year anniversary rally that will take place on 22 June. Farida is an activist with long Covid who struggles to use the tram network in Melbourne.


Instagram: @sats_campaign


Excerpt from Narrm’s Free Palestine Rally on 2 June – first, a song in Arabic by Aseel Tayah, Palestinian Artist and Activist, followed by a speech by Tami Gadir, Lecturer, NTEU member, and Anti-Zionist Jew.


Nat, organiser for Disrupt Wars about the National Day of Action on Friday 31st of May, against the Labor Party’s complicity in the Palestinian genocide.

Instagram: @disruptwars


An excerpt from this week's Women on the Line episode where Kannagi spoke with human rights and migration lawyer Peggy Kerdo about women experiencing family violence while on temporary partner visas.




Looking Out for an Angel - June Jones

Maybe If I Wore Sunglasses Inside I Wouldn't Feel Tired - Jess Ribeiro

My Feeling - Nice Girl