Free Palestine, Models of Care for LGBTIQ+ People with Dementia, the People's Blockade, Fighting Toxic Masculinity on Social Media, Nup to the Cup

Tuesday, 7 November 2023 - 7:00am to 8:30am
7:15 We hear various speeches that have taken place at Free Palestine rallies in Narrm/Melbourne. These speeches were originally played on Accent of Women on the 31st of October. Thank you to Jiselle Hanna for this next excerpt.
7:30 Dr Louisa Smith is a Senior Lecturer in Disability and Inclusion at Deakin University. Louisa is a qualitative social researcher in disability, dementia and complex support needs. Louisa has a particular interest in research that actively develops supports for those who are most socially isolated, including people with disabilities and/or dementia who experience gender and sexuality diversity, live in large residential accommodation or are from refugee backgrounds. Louisa joins us on the show this morning to speak about models of care for LGBTIQ+ people with dementia. You can follow Louisa on Twitter at @LouisaESmith1.
7:45 Chloe DS is a refugee rights activist, green left journalist, and fellow 3CR presenter. Chloe joins us on the show to speak about the upcoming People's Blockade of the world's largest coal port at Muloobinba (Newcastle), on Awabakal and Worimi land and water, as well as the bbq held in Narrm today to raise money for activists traveling from Narrm to Newcastle.
8:00 Dr Stephanie Wescott is a lecturer in the School of Education, Culture and Society at Monash University Faculty of Education. Her research examines how education practice and policy intersects with and is influenced by current socio-political conditions, and she is particularly interested in how feminist thinking can be used to transform education and schooling. We are joined by Stephanie this morning to discuss the federal government’s three-year project to address toxic masculinity on social media and also talk about the dangerous influence of misogynist influencers.
8:10 Each year, a growing number of people are rejecting the racing industry and are saying Nup to the Cup. Yesterday, I had a chat with Kristin Leigh, who is Communications Director and Volunteer Coordinator at the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses. We talked about the the latest Deathwatch report that provides details on the horses that were killed in racing this year; the increasing public support for this issue; and the actions that people can take to raise awareness and say Nup to the Cup. Listeners are advised that the following conversation makes explicit references to horse injury. Please take care when listening with little ones.