Fighting Unfair Dismissal, French Presidential Elections, Freedom of Political Expression, Painful Periods as a Workplace Issue

Tuesday, 19 April 2022 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Strong Women Cry Too: Rising from the Black Hole by Linda Fenton
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Linda Fenton was the first Australian woman to sue her employer for unfair dismissal while on maternity leave. Now, she has written about her story, Strong Women Cry Too: Rising from the Black Hole. Linda joined Gemma and Su on Done By Law on April 4th to talk about her 20-year legal and emotional journey. For any listeners who would like to look into the case, the citation is: Jordan v Amcor Limited [1997] IRCA 153 (2 May 1997). You can listen to Done By Law every Tuesday from 6-6:30pm and you can visit the audio archive on //
Ezechiel Thibaud is a lecturer at the Lingnan University in Hong Kong, specialising in moral and political philosophy. Phuong caught up with Ezechiel last week to discuss the French Presidential Elections. While Ezechiel was a volunteer with Jean-Luc Melenchon's campaign, the focus of the conversation was on the election as a whole, the overall political landscape in France, and the social issues that people were concerned about going into this election. This interview was recorded last week on 12th April 2022. //
Caroline is an educator living in the City of Port Phillip. Recently, Caroline received a complaint from body corporate regarding the political posters she has in the window of the apartment she owns. One poster features a local candidate and the other is a union poster. In her interview with Phuong, Caroline discusses this situation in a bit more detail but also looks at the importance of civic engagement and the freedom to engage in politics leading up to a federal election. //
Gemma Cafarella is a barrister who practises in public law, including discrimination and sexual harassment matters. Gemma is the Chair of Liberty Victoria's Government Regulation and Equality Committee, and a supervisor for the Rights Advocacy Project. Gemma also has endometriosis and adenomyosis and advocates for people who menstruate to be treated better within the workplace. Gemma speaks with Kannagi about painful menstruation as a workplace issue. Link to report: A Policy for Equality: Painful Periods as a Workplace Issue //
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