Experimental Dance Inspired By Farrakhzad's Poetry, #StopBlackDeathsinCustody + Reform Bail Laws, Challenges Faced By International Students, Reforming Use of NDA's in Workplace Harassment Cases

Tuesday, 19 July 2022 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Melbourne-based choreographer, artist, dancer and advocate Nebahat Erpolat speaks to Phuong about her new work, Conquest of the Garden, an interdisciplinary and experimental new dance work. The work takes inspiration from Forough Farrakhzad, a feminist poet whose work in 1950’s Iran was seen as highly progressive as a result of its criticism of the position of women in Iranian society. //

Nerita Waight and Sarah Schwartz from the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service (VALS) speak to Tess about the Coronial Inquest into the death in custody of Veronica Maree Nelson. This conversation was originally aired on Done By Law back in May and it remains a crucial conversation about stopping deaths in custody and the need for reform of our bail laws. To sign the petition: and #StopBlackDeathsinCustody go to https://www.vals.org.au/bail-petition/ //

Ayan from Diaspora Blues speaks with an anonymous international student about the challenges that international students face in obtaining visas; the high costs involved; as well as the lack of welfare and support offered to students. This interviewed originally aired on Diaspora Blues on 18 July 2022. //

Professor Judith Bessant speaks to Genevieve about the move to restrict the use of non-disclosure agreements in work harassment cases. Judith Bessant is a professor at RMIT University. Her research and writing covers politics, youth studies, policy, sociology, media-technology studies and history. Judith has written about non-disclosure agreements and also submitted a letter to the National Inquiry into Sexual Harassment in the Australian Workplaces about the harm of non-disclosure agreements. //


Pressure to Party - Julia Jacklin
Woman - Little Simz, Cleo Sol
When It Rains It Pours - Thelma Plum