Are We Sleepwalking into War? webinar, what's on for MAPW this year, NETFA FGM podcast, using old practises to revive endangered Indigenous language, Do Your Worst at Footscray Community Arts

Tuesday, 7 February 2023 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Yuchen Xin's work. Image:


Dr Sue Wareham, a founding member of ICAN and president of Medical Association for Prevention of War (MAPW), speaks at the Are We Sleepwalking into War? Webinar about biased reporting in the media about China as well as the disastrous impacts of warfare on our health//
Elise West, Executive Officer at MAPW, about what's coming up for the organisation in 2023, the 20th anniversary of the Iraq invasion, the AUKUS submarine report and Australia's military emissions.
NETFA Leadership Program participant, Lara Cristina Cruz, interviews Dr. Veena Barsiwal, a doctor and counsellor, about the importance of bodily autonomy, bodily integrity, and its relevance to the practice of FGM/C. Find out more about the FGM/C podcast here//
Samantha Armstrong from Pertame Language School on teaching the endangered language by facilitating language lessons between Elders and apprentices using the old Indigenous practices. Donate to the language revival program here.
Artist Yuchen Xin on her art practise examining the absurdities in everyday life and perceptions of home, as well as her upcoming exhibition at Footscray Community Arts called Do Your Worst//