Islamophobia, caste discrimination and South Asian media, super funding divesting from nuclear weapons, Collingwood Community Garden protest update, the future of sex education

Tuesday, 15 February 2022 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Founder of South Asian Today Dilpreet Kaur Taggar. Image: South Asian Today
  • NSW government seeks to block first statewide nurses’ strike in 10 years
  • Islamophobia in India and the proposed hijab ban in Karnataka

Independent journalist and founder of South Asian Today Dilpreet Kaur Taggar talks to Kannagi about caste discrimination, Islamophobia and India's right wing government, and the importance of having a media platform for South Asian women and non binary people, brown queer communities, and people from lower castes. Follow South Asian Today on Instagram and Twitter: @southasiantoday. If you're interested in knowing more about caste, follow these Instagram accounts: @dalitdesk, @dalithistorymonth, @bahujanlivesmatter

Margie Beavis from Quit Nukes talks to Phuong about Australian superannuation funds that are leading the way in divesting from companies involved in the funding, manufacturing, testing of nuclear weapons.
Andrea Witcomb from the Collingwood Community Gardens Association speaks with Evie about the current threat to bulldoze Collingwood Community Gardens, a vital community space for food production, social activities, exercise and mental health, and the ongoing protest to protect this important place of local heritage.
Dr Andrea Waling, an Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow at La Trobe University talks to Gen about the future of sexual education, how we can instil respectful relationships and intimacy skills in young people and the importance of pleasure and fun in education.