SUMMER PROGRAMMING: COVID-19 in Cuba, CLAY a play on caste and queer body and the 'Manosphere' and Incels

Tuesday, 21 December 2021 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Welcome to Summer Programming! Where we play some of our favourite conversations from 2021, and maybe some new!
Earlier this year, Genevieve spoke with Dr Sujatha Fernades, a Professor of Sociology at the Univeristy of Sydney and author of numerous books and published articles on Cuba. Her research combines social theory and political economy with in-depth, engaged ethnography of gloabl social movements. We discussed the political climate in Cuba and Sujatha gave us some context on why Cuba was seeing protests at the time.
A few months ago, Geneviev spoke with Joystna Siddarth, an Indian actor, self taught artist, intersectional queer activist and writer. There practice spreads across intersections of social- art, activism, theatre, development in anti- caste, feminist and queer spaces. Jyotsna pushes for a better representation of Dalit & Queer stories in the media and is also the brainchild behind CLAY, a play discussing caste and body. They came on the show to talk about the carthartic process of making CLAY and the many themes it aims to interrogate.
Genevieve speaks with Professor Shannon Zimmerman,  a postdoctoral research fellow at RMIT University, whose research focuses on misogyny motivated terrorism, specifically looking at the online groups in the ‘Manosphere’. In a recent study, Shannon and her fellow researchers aimed at investigating how we can Recognise the Violent Extremist Ideology of ‘Incels’. Shannon is on the show today to discuss this research, the ins and outs of the ‘Manosphere’ and what exactly an ‘Incel’ is.