National Safety Plan for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women with Wynetta Dewis, menstrual health with Julie Hennegan, Being Biracial Podcast with Kate and Maria, Stand Bi Us and Bi+ visibility with Sally Goldner

Tuesday, 21 September 2021 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Being Biracial Podcast. Image: Being Biracial


Phuong speaks with Wynetta Dewis, Co-Chair of the National Family Violence Prevention and Legal Services Forum, about the recent National Women's Summit and the need for a dedicated National Safety Plan FOR and BY Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. 
Gen speaks with women's health researcher Dr Julie Hennegan about menstrual health.
Kannagi speaks with Kate Robinson and Maria Birch-Morunga from the new podcast Being Biracial, which is all about navigating the world as a biracial person.
Evie speaks with Sally Goldner of the fabulous Out of the Pan about the Stand Bi Us conference and its importance during Bisexuality Awareness Week.