Dr Jyhene Kebsi on Islamo-Leftism in France, Artist Katie Sfetkidis and Dylan from Vixen Collective

Tuesday, 17 August 2021 - 7:00am to 8:30am


Phuong speaks with Dr Jyhene Kebsi, a Lecturer in Gender Studies at Macquarie University. Jyhene met with me to discuss the French government’s surveillance of university academics, the threat to academic autonomy, and the accusation of anyone teaching or researching racism, colonialism or Islamophobia of committing ‘Islamo-leftism’ as well as Islamophobia in French politics and everyday life. Inspired by her article for Arena Online, BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING FRENCH ACADEMIA

Kannagi speaks with Katie Sfetkidis, a Naarm based multidisciplinary artist with work spanning across visual art and live performances. Her practice unpacks ideas around intersectional feminism and the role women play in public life. In 2020 Katie was appointed the Feminist Emissary for the Queen Victoria Women's Centre where she is currently creating the Women's COVID-19 Time Capsule.

We hear Dylan from Vixen, who spoke with Jacob and Phuong on Monday Breakfast about the decriminalisation of sex work in Victoria.