India Travel Ban & Constitutional Law, Vietnamese Outworkers, #SaveSheikhJarrah

Tuesday, 11 May 2021 - 7:00am to 8:30am

News Headlines

  • Federal budget announced tonight

  • Legal challenge to India travel ban

  • Asylum seeker caseload blitz

  • Live coverage of Israeli air raids


Kannagi interviews Cheryl Saunders (Melbourne Uni) about the India travel ban and constitutional law.

Cheryl Saunders is a laureate professor at Melbourne Uni and is the founding Director of the Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies. She has specialist interests in constitutional law and comparative public law, including federalism and intergovernmental relations and constitutional design and change, which she has written widely. 


Phuong interviews Kim Lam and Emma Do about their latest project, 'May ở nhà', a book that explores the lives and experiences of Vietnamese outworkers. 

In this interview we discussed the working conditions of those sewing from home; the history of outwork in Australia; and shared common experiences of being second generation Vietnamese people in this country. 


Evie interviews Jeanine Hourani about what's happening in Sheikh Jarrah.

Jeanine Hourani is a Palestinian advocate, campaigner and educator who arrived in Australia as a stateless Palestinian refugee in 1997. She is currently the Director of Road to Refuge, an organisation that aims to change the narrative around refugees and people seeking asylum by transferring the power of narrative back to those who are most directly impacted. 

There are a number of events coming up to commemorate Nakba; please click here to find the closest event to you. 



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