Jacinda Barclay and concussion research in elite athletes, mapping Melbourne's queer history, ban on Indian-Australian citizens

Tuesday, 4 May 2021 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Jacinda Barclay. Image: Fox Sports.

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Ban on Indian-Australian citizens coming back home
Abuse allegations in Australian gymnastics
Queensland police accused of domestic violence

Concussion research in elite athletes - Evie interviews Stephanie Convery
In late October 2020, the women’s AFL community suffered a terrible loss with the tragic death of 29 year old Jacinda Barclay of the GWS Giants. Her family gave a generous gift - she is the first contact sportswoman in Australia to have had her brain donated to the Australian Sports Brain Bank in an attempt to understand the long term impact of contact sports on the human brain. Stephanie Convery is the deputy culture editor of Guardian Australia and has written extensively about concussion research especially in the context of athletes who play contact sports. 

Mapping Melbourne's queer history - Steph interviews Luciano
Queer Ways is a project that maps the queer history of Melbourne. We're joined by Luciano from Queer Ways to discuss the project - welcome to Tuesday Breakfast Luciano

The government's ban on Indian-Australian citizens returning home - Evie interviews Gabriela D'Souza
As a response to rising rates of COVID-19 in India, the Federal Government announced the shocking decision to not only ban any Australian citizens and permanent residents currently in India from returning home, but also threatening them with a penalty of up to $66,600 or five years in prison under emergency powers invoked by the Biohazard Security Act. Gabriela D’Souza is a senior economist at the Committee for Economic Development of Australia. She’s also experienced first hand the effects of the government’s policy decisions in restricting Australian residents returning home from overseas during the pandemic. 

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