Sri Lankan Elections, Vermilion Project & The Drum Youth Services

Tuesday, 26 November 2019 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Tuesday Breakfast 26 November 2019 

With Ayan, George, Anya, and Zoya

7.00 am Acknowledgement of Country

7.23 am Dr Niro Kandasamy, a Tamil studies researcher at the University of Melbourne discusses the Sri Lankan Election result  - CONTENT WARNING: SV, War, Torture  

7.45 am Swathi, one of the founders of The Vermilion Project, an initiative to support workers impacted by menstrual health conditions and/or invisible illnesses, talks about her lived experience of menstrual illness, and what this program is hoping to achieve 

8.00 am Peer Leader - Sabrina Adem discusses what it's like working with young women from similar backgrounds, and shares upcoming events by The Drum Youth Services 

8.15 am Alternative News: Tuesday Breakfast look at the appalling treatment of Uighur Muslims in China 


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Artist: Thelma Plum

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 song: Life’s Gone Down

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