gender-based violence in refugee camps, Trump's economic plans for Palestine, decolonizing the future through the arts and Asher Wolf on accessibility

Tuesday, 25 June 2019 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Tuesday Breakfast 25 June 2019 

7.00 am Acknowledgement of Country

7.05 am Chris Woods with news headlines

7.30 am We speak to Hayley Cull, Advocacy Director of Plan International, about their recently released report regarding girls living in refugee communities in Beirut, Lebanon who are facing pervasive gender-based violence. 

7.45 am We speak to Jessica Morrison from APAN to discuss Trump's economic plan for Palestine 

8.00 am We speak to Emily Sexton, Arts House Artistic Director, about Future Assembly and how to envision decolonising the future through the arts.  
8.15 am We speak to Asher Wolf about Progress 2019, disability rights, and accessibility issues in NGO-led conferences and spaces.    

song: The Divine 
artist: Mwanje

song: Energy

artist: Sampa the Great   

artist: Tasha Zappla

song: Dombolo 

artist: Les Amazones D'Afriques