Sex Worker Fact Sheet, Excerpt from Wild Black Women on Reconciliation Week and Zoe's art exhibition, "Buy Me Dinner First"

Tuesday, 4 June 2019 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Tuesday Breakfast 4 June 2019 

7.00 am Acknowledgement of Country

7.05 am Chris Woods with news headlines

7.30 am Anya speaks to Courtney from the St Kilda Legal Service about the Legal Issues for Professionals Fact Sheets' launch

7.40 am The crew discuss sex work legislation, an event this Wednesday to discuss abolishing Public Drunkenness Laws, last night's Australian Story on Debbie Kilroy and the recent arrest of Kearah Ronan.

8.45 am We hear an excerpt from Wild Black Women, a program on 98.9fm, an Indigenous community radio station in Meanjin. The program is hosted by Dr Chelsea Bond and Angelina Hurley and in this segment, they discuss their thoughts on Reconciliation Week and on having the first Indigenous minister for Indigenous affairs.
8.10 am Zoe Milah Dejesus, a Puerto-Rican/ American illustrator and painter from New Jersey, joins us to discuss her upcoming art exhibition "Buy Me Dinner First". We discuss this amazing series which explores sexuality and intimacy as well as what folks can expect at the opening on June 21st.
song: Black Tie
artist: Grace Petrie

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song: Tricks
artist: Stella Donnelly