Using OPCAT to prevent abuse in detention, combating social isolation, and constitutional recognition for First Nations people

Tuesday, 18 December 2018 - 7:00am to 8:30am

0.00 Acknowledgement of Country 

0.02 News Headlines

0.15 We play part of an episode of Call Your Girlfriend on White Fragility.

0.30 Anya chats to Steven Caruana, 2017 Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellow, about the OPCAT, what ratifying it means for Australia and how best to use the OPCAT to prevent abuse in places of detention

0.45 Lauren chats to Laura Rouhan, founder of Friends for Good about how the organisation is working to combat loneliness and social isolation in today's modern world.

1.10 The team reflects on what 2018 meant for them, promotes Queerspace's Christmas breakfast event, and thanks listeners for being part of their 3CR journey this year 
1.15 Lauren talks to Meriki Onus, Gunnai and Gunditjimarra woman and co-founder of WAR about what constitutional recognition means (and does not mean) for First Nations people and the importance of self-determination.
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