Remembering Mullivaikkal, Automated Apartheid Report, Medically Supervised Injection in the CBD, Melbourne Gig Worker Meetups

Thursday, 11 May 2023 - 7:00am to 8:30am
A poster by Tamil Refugee Council advertising the Remembering Mullivaikkal rally at 2PM Sunday May 14 at the State Library of Victoria with information in Tamil and English.


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Renuga Inpakumar is a young Eelam Tamil activist and Law/Arts student with a long history of organising to amplify Eelam Tamil issues. She speaks with us about this Sunday's 2PM Rally outside the State Library of Victoria 'Remembering Mullivaikkal - Eelam Tamils' organised by Tamil Refugee Council, and why it's so important to commemorate the truth of the day, the genocidal killings, and the Tamils who have had to seek protection from persecution. Renuga will be speaking at the Sydney rally to commemorate Mullivaikkal, also occurring this Sunday - you can find out more information here.//


We hear a segment of Democracy Now! where Amy Goodman speaks with Matt Mahmoudi, the lead researcher for Amnesty International’s new report called “Automated Apartheid: Facial recognition entrenches the oppression of Palestinians.” This report documents how the Israeli government is using an experimental facial recognition system to track Palestinians and control their movements. Catch Democracy Now! on 3CR on Mondays from 9-10AM.//


Sione Crawford, CEO of Harm Reduction Victoria, talks about Victoria's second Medically Supervised Injection Centre in the City of Melbourne. This follows the recommendation from the independent review of the MSIR in Richmond to establish a second medically supervised injecting service trial in the CBD. The survey closes Tuesday 16th of May - head to the site to have your say.//


Designer, researcher, and delivery rider Andrew Copolov joins us to speak about supporting and organising gig workers in Melbourne, including through gig worker meetups running this week out of Testing Grounds at Victoria Market. Andrew is a coordinator at the Melbourne art library and a PhD student at Monash University. You can find out more about the gig worker meetups at, and about the Victorian Government's Gig Worker Support Service here.//




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