Lorraine Finlay, Andy Hall, Maree McCabe and Texta Queen

Thursday, 15 September 2022 - 7:00am to 8:30am
A mostly black and white marker self-portrait of Texta Queen as Queen Alexandra in coronation attire wearing an invisible gown of colonial legacies, naked beneath. In her eyes are world maps with red highlights. She cuts the head of a single white rose.

Acknowledgement of Country//




7:15 - Lorraine Finlay// Australian Human Rights Commissioner Lorraine Finlay joins us to discuss Australia’s lack of progress on its obligations as a party to the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture. This conversation follows a national symposium on OPCAT last week, which brought together human rights experts to discuss key areas of concern in the lead up to a visit from the United Nations Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture to Australia planned for late 2022.//


​7:30 - Andy Hall//
Andy Hall, Migrant Worker Rights Specialist and Journalist, on the case being brought in the US against Ansell subsidiary in relation to forced labour in Malaysia. Andy spoke with Jiselle from Asia Pacific Currents with an update of the case - APC - News and labour updates from the Asia Pacific region. Saturdays from 9am. //
7:45 - Maree McCabe//
Maree McCabe AM is the CEO of Dementia Australia and a member of the organisation’s Board. A recognised leader in the health and aged care sector Maree brings more than twenty years’ experience across the health, mental health and aged care sectors to her current role. She joins us today in the lead up to Dementia Action Week 2022 (Monday 19 September to Sunday 25 September), to speak on this year's theme ‘A little support makes a big difference’.//
8:15 - Texta Queen//
Texta Queen is queer, disabled, non-binary Goan Indian second-generation settler, living on Wurundjeri land, known for using the humble fibre-tip marker to draw out complex politics of gender, race, sexuality and identity. They examine existence and empowerment in dis/connection to our own and others’ ancestral lands, investigating these themes via photography, drawing, painting, printmaking, video, performance, self-publishing, curating, music, writing and murals. Today, Texta joins us to speak about their creative practice, the monarchy, as well as their project in the works 'TheySwarm' and upcoming exhibitions. Instagram: @textaqueen. Donate to TheySwarm!//