Hume For Palestine Against HTA, Disrupting Pinkwashing at Midsumma, Colonial Militarism at Lee Point, Updates from Camp Sovereignty

Thursday, 8 February 2024 - 7:00am to 8:30am
A film photograph of Camp Sovereignty, featuring several groups of people sitting and standing around a massive tall gum tree on a grassy lawn surrounded by an assortment of tables, a wheelbarrow, and boxes. A Palestinian flag is visible. More trees are visible in the background.

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Hume For Palestine is a community action group made up of residents of Hume Council, and is currently demanding the immediate closure of a local manufacturer in Campbellfield, Heat Treatment Australia (HTA). The 'defence' department states that HTA provides crucial heat treatment process for components of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, which are being used by the israeli occupation force (IOF) in the ongoing genocide of Palestinians in Gaza. We were joined today by Hume For Palestine member Waseem Razvi to discuss the campaign. Waseem is the founder of Islamic Research + Education Academy and an activist at Alliance Against Islamophobia, which works to challenge Islamophobia, assisting and empowering affected individuals and communities.//


Amber, a white queer trans person based in Naarm, caught up with Priya yesterday to talk about autonomous queer and trans resistance against the pinkwashing of cops, corporations and colonialism at pride in the wake of a successful but brutally policed protest against the inclusion of Victoria Police in the annual Midsumma parade last Sunday. At this event, queer and trans community members were violently assaulted by cops at the march, with footage circulating of protestors being slapped and choked by police. Since Sunday, radical queer and trans groups including Queer Killjoys and Trans Queer Solidarity have published some important reflections on exposing pinkwashing and reclaiming queer and trans self-expression from the predatory creep of diversity and inclusion approaches to interconnected forms of systemic violence. RISE have consistently called for a boycott of Midsumma given the festival's pinkwashing of policing, Australia's immigration detention system, and the images of Australia's major political parties - you can read their 2024 statement here

Trust us, our pink dollars are better spent on local initiatives that genuinely support our communities, including Beyond Bricks and Bars, fundraisers organised by Husk Housing Support and on the work that RISE does for queer and trans ex-detainees.//


Larrakia, Kungarakan, Gurindji and French writer and performer Laniyuk joins us to continue the conversation started with Phuong on this week's episode of Tuesday Breakfast about the campaign to return Lee Point to Larrakia care. In this interview, Laniyuk and Priya discuss the history of the Australian and US defence forces' militarised occupation of Larrakia Country and serious concerns about government claims about consultation with Larrakia people. Sign the petition to return Lee Point to Larrakia people's care here, and watch some of the storytelling by Larrakia people about their connections to Country and what makes Lee Point so significant here.//


Honey joins us with updates from Camp Sovereignty, and we hear a clip of Uncle Robbie speaking during yesterday's live broadcast of Bunjil's Fire from the Camp encouraging folks to come down. Tune in to Bunjil's Fire 11AM-2PM every Wednesday on 3CR 855AM, and head down to Camp Sovereignty at any time at so-called King's Domain.//



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