Fighting Transphobia at the University of Melbourne, Divine Intervention with Robbie Thorpe, Impacts of Exam and Study Stress, Action for Prevention Resources Launch

Thursday, 1 June 2023 - 6:00am to 7:30am
A graphic of 9 women with disabilities of varying ages and ethnicities, two using wheelchairs, one with a guide dog, one with a baby, one using a crutch and one holding an LGBTQIA+ flag.

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Listeners, please be advised the following interview discusses transphobia and may be distressing. If you wish to speak with someone about any of the issues mentioned in this interview, you can always call lifeline on 13 11 14, and for mob-only support, you can call 13 YARN 13 92 76. LGBTQIA+ listeners may also wish to contact QLIFE on 1800 184 527 between 3PM and midnight, or visit


We hear from Valerie (pseudonym), a philosophy student, trans woman and spokesperson for the Fight Transphobia UniMelb campaign. Fight Transphobia UniMelb aims to combat the problematic normalisation of transphobia at a curricular and school policy level. This interview unpacks the transphobic premises of “gender critical” theory, the lived harms experienced by trans people when this thinking is disseminated at University level, and what changes could increase trans-safety at UniMelb. To get involved, email Fight Transphobia UniMelb at Please consider donating to the Incarcerated Trans and Gender Diverse Community Fund here.//


Robbie Thorpe is a long-time activist and 3CR broadcaster. Robbie is from the Krauatungalung people of the Gunnai Nation, the traditional owners of Lake Tyers. He has been integral to the longstanding Black anti-colonial movement in Australia, including being a strong advocate for ‘Pay the Rent’, the 'Black GST' and 'StolenWealth Games' initiatives. He joins us today with Lucie Loy who is an artist, curator and writer working with Dario Vacirca and Seventh Gallery to chat about their latest show 'Divine Intervention' an exhibition celebrating the artistic contributions and cultural leadership of Robbie Thorpe.//


Jackie Hallan has 15 years’ experience in program management and health promotion focused on youth health and wellbeing. As ReachOut’s Director of Service, Jackie leads a diverse team of peer workers, mental health experts, content creators and volunteer coordinators. She joins us today to chat about the impact of exam and study stress on young people.//


This interview touches on themes that may be distressing to some listeners. If you need to speak to someone, you can call Lifeline on 13 11 14, that's 13 11 14, or 1800 RESPECT on 1800 737 732, that's 1800 737 732, for confidential information and support. First Nations listeners can call 13 YARN on 13 92 76, that's 13 92 76, for mob-only support.//


We are joined by Soizic Brohan and Stephanie Sayer from Women with Disabilities Victoria to discuss the upcoming launch of WDV's new set of gender and disability workforce development resources, and why it is critical to integrate the lived expertise of women with disabilities into workforce development in the violence prevention space. Soizic is the Gender and Disability Workforce Development Program Manager at WDV, while Stephanie is WDV's Prevention Resource Development Officer. The 'Action for Prevention' launch event will be held online via Zoom on Tuesday the 20th June from 11:00am to 12:00pm. Find out more about WDV's workforce development resources and RSVP to the launch here.//




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