Fight For Survival, Policing and Domestic and Family Violence, Beyond the Bars 2022 at Loddon Prison, Judy Kuo, Flux Study

Thursday, 7 July 2022 - 7:00am to 8:30am
A banner image promoting Beyond the Bars featuring a painting of disembodied Black hands holding prison bars, open hands with wrists encircled by chains, and a hand with a BLM wristband holding a prison identification card. This is interspersed with painted motifs of a red dot with a yellow centre surrounded by miniature white dots.

Acknowledgement of Country//




Historian Clare Land, based at the Moondani Balluk Academic Unit at Victoria University, spoke with Robbie Thorpe on the June 8th episode of Bunjil’s Fire on 3CR about the history of the struggle for Northland Secondary College in the 90s. The Melbourne Museum is currently holding a special exhibition - Fight for Survival - featuring students’ artworks, community responses and the rousing speech from Gary Foley that united a community. Catch Fight for Survival at Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre at the Melbourne Museum, 11 Nicholson Street, Carlton, and the exhibition now closes on Sunday July 24th. Catch Bunjil's Fire on 3CR 855AM every Wednesday from 11AM to 2PM.//


The following interview includes discussion of racism and domestic and family violence. If you need support, you can call Lifeline on 13 11 14, or 1800RESPECT.//

Dr Amanda Porter joins us to discuss the Independent Commission of Inquiry into Queensland Police Service responses to domestic and family violence and to discuss concerns around dominant approaches to police reform. Amanda is a prison abolitionist and policing researcher of Brinja-Yuin, Greek and English descent based in Naarm. You can read the submission made by Amanda and co-author Connor Hannan to the Commission of Inquiry into Queensland Police Service Responses to Domestic and Family Violence here.//

 You can also read the submission made by Amanda and co-author Dr Marlene Longbottom to the Queensland Government’s Women’s Safety and Justice Taskforce: Discussion Paper 1 – Options for legislating against coercive control and the creation of a standalone domestic violence offence here.//


We replay a segment of Beyond the Bars 2022 on 3CR featuring Tie, a community member who is at Loddon Prison near Castlemaine, talking about art and doing time during lockdown. Art plays a big role in many peoples’ journeys on the inside. You’ll also hear the voices of Dale, Shiralee and Willy. Beyond the Bars was established 20 years ago to connect people and families separated by prison during NAIDOC Week, giving voice to issues faced inside and out. You can tune into Beyond the Bars on 3CR 855AM or all this week from 11AM.//


Judy Kuo is an Asian-Australian unionist and artist in Naarm. She currently works at Victorian Trades Hall Council and her union and activist work feature strongly in her art practice. She joins us today to speak about her art practice and how this intersects with organising, unionism, anti-racism, and disability justice solidarity. Judy has designed some beautiful art for the Disability Justice Network - you can donate to their mutual aid fund here.//


Daniel Storer is the Research Coordinator for the Flux Study, conducted by the Kirby Institute, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW, and joins us today to talk about the study's investigation into the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental and sexual health among gay and bisexual men. Daniel completed a Master of Public Health at the University of Sydney and is currently completing his doctoral research at the Kirby Institute investigating the impacts of COVID on Australian gay and bisexual men’s health and wellbeing.//


During the show, we mentioned some organisations and Indigenous community movements you might wish to donate to during NAIDOC Week: