Indigenous Water Management, Healthcare Impacts of COVID Roadmap, New Single from the Merindas, Anti-Lockdown Protest Policing

Thursday, 23 September 2021 - 7:00am to 8:30am
A photograph of members of Victoria Police Public Order Response Team crossing an intersection in single file, wearing full riot gear.

Acknowledgement of Country//




Associate Professor Bradley Moggridge is a Kamilaroi water scientist working on closing the gap between western science and Traditional Science. In this recording from 3CR’s Earth Matters program, Prof Moggridge speaks about how Indigenous knowledge is still sidelined in water management and why this needs to change.//


Dr Chris Lemoh is an infectious disease and general physician based at Monash Health in south east Melbourne. He works in a public hospital and at the refugee health service in Dandenong, and is also the current President of the Victorian African Health Action Network. Chris joins us to discuss the impact of Victoria's roadmap to COVID normal on healthcare workers, the healthcare system and marginalised communities.//


Melbourne-based electronic pop and R&B duo The Merindas speak with us about their new single ‘Boomerang’ and forthcoming EP (out September 27). The Merindas are the collective force of Ballardong Whadjuk and Nyoongar woman Kristel Kickett and Candice Lorrae of Jawoyn and Thursday Island heritage.//


Alec Miguel from Melbourne Activist Legal Support (MALS) takes us through concerns about the policing of anti-lockdown protests, which have escalated over the past week in Melbourne and have been met with a worrying use of tactics and equipment by Victoria Police. MALS is a group of volunteers that support activists to defend their own civil and political rights.//



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Boomerang - The Merindas//