COVID-19 and Casteism, Mental Health Supports Under Telehealth, Victorian Drug Court Plans, Sweatshop Anthology ‘Racism’, Make West Papua Safe Action

Thursday, 6 May 2021 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Photo of Guido Melo and presenters in the 3CR studio

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Dr Vikrant Kishore, a filmmaker and academic at Deakin University, joined us to speak about COVID-19 and caste discrimination in Australia and India. Dr Kishore's current work involves capturing stories of cultural flows and their impacts on the Indian diaspora in Australia, and his approach involves integrating traditional cultural practices with new media technologies.//


Monica Karst, a mental health social worker and founder of Safe Haven Counselling, discussed the proposed extension to telehealth services under Medicare, how the introduction of telehealth services last year impacted service users, and what is needed going forward.//


Felix Ralph is a criminal lawyer at Marshall Jovanovska Ralph Criminal Lawyers based in Melbourne’s Western suburbs and CBD, and appears regularly in specialist criminal courts like the Drug Court. He joined us to discuss recent plans for a Drug Court to be introduced into the Victorian County Court.//


Guido Melo and Stephen Pham spoke with us about the new anthology, ‘Racism: Stories of Fear, Hate & Bigotry,’ published by Sweatshop Western Sydney Literacy Movement.  Stephen Pham is a Vietnamese-Australian writer from Cabramatta. He has been published in Meanjin, Griffith Review of Books, and Sydney Review of Books. Most recently he co-wrote Sex Drugs & Pork Rolls, which was produced by UTP and debuted at Sydney Festival 2021. Guido Melo is an Afro-Brazilian-Latinx multilingual author and poet based in Naarm (Melbourne). His words can be found in Peril Magazine, Ascension Magazine, SBS Voices, SBS Portuguese, Cordite, Voz Limpia, Alma Preta Jornalismo and Guia Negro News.//


Jasmine Pilbrow from Make West Papua Safe joins us to discuss an action on Monday, 10 May 2021 to call on the Australian Federal Police to stop training the Indonesian National Police Force.//




On Our Way - CLYPSO//


One - Tasman Keith & Kwame//