Saharawi refugee camps in Algeria, Bobuq Sayed: ADF war crimes and the Brereton Report, Candy Bowers: Multi-Hypho podcast, First Peoples Disability Network: Disability Royal Commission

Thursday, 26 November 2020 - 7:00am to 8:30am


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Last week, Tecber Ahmed Salah, Head of African Union Department, Ministry of Public Health in the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic and Oxfam Algeria Country Director, Haissam Minkara spoke with the Australian Western Sahara Association about the precarity and effects of COVID-19 pandemic on the Saharawi residents of Tindouf camps in Algeria. 


Bobuq Sayed is a fiction writer, essayist, editor, and multidisciplinary artist. Their research interests include the War on Terror, fugitivity, queer and trans* studies, theories of place, and faggotry. On November 23rd they published A New Generation of Australian War Criminals in Meanjin online in response to the mainstream media coverage of the Brereton Report and war crimes perpetrated by the Australian Defence Force in Afghanistan. 


Candy Bowers joins us to speak about her podcast Multi-Hypho. Candy Bowers is a radical mischief-maker and award-winning cross-disciplinary artist born of South African political refugees. She has a long list of original works to her name, including Inna Thigh: The Sista She Story, The Naked MC, Hyper Fragility #why-are-white-men-so-defensive-lol, MC Platypus & Queen Koala's Hip Hop Jamboree, Who's That Chik?, Australian Booty, One The Bear and Hot Brown Honey Burlesque. 


June Riemer, Deputy CEO of First Peoples' Disability Network, joins us to discuss the Disability Royal Commission from a First Nations perspective, focusing on the intersection between disability and child removal.



Aziza Brahim Baraka