Archer Magazine digital launch and fundraiser, Panda Wong: Whispers from Home, Cashless debit card expansion, Frontline workers' perspectives

Thursday, 15 October 2020 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Acknowledgement of country

News headlines with Cait Kelly

Editor-in-chief of Archer Magazine, Lucy Watson speaks with Rosie about the new issue of the magazine, and the digital launch and fundraiser for GiveOUT Day on Friday, October 16.

Carly speaks with Panda Wong about her residency at Incendium Radical Library - Whispers From Home which is a google doc poem that will be updated throughout the length of the residency. Panda is a poet and editor who lives in Narrm. She is an associate editor at The Suburban Review and has been published in Runway Journal, Rabbit, Sick Leave, Liminal, and more.

Griffith Law School and Law Futures Centre researcher, Dr Shelley Bielefeld speaks with Priya about government's new push to expand the Cashless Debit Card across the NT and turn it into a full-blown program

Third-year nursing student, public health, community development and writing professional, Hope Mathumbu and aged care nurse Michelle speak with Scheherazade and share their perspectives as frontline workers in aged care and disability support during the COVID-19 pandemic in Victoria.