Yalinguth Art Prize, Snack Syndicate, Rohingya persecution and refugees in Indonesia

Thursday, 3 September 2020 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Acknowledgement of country


News headlines with Cait Kelly


Robbie Bundle joins Carly to discuss the Yalinguth Art Prize. Yalinguth (“yesterday” in Woi Wurrung) is an innovative Augmented Reality experience, expressed entirely through sound, accessible via a location-specific mobile App. The Yalinguth prize is seeking submissions from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, living on or connected to the land we now call Victoria, to visually represent the Yalinguth App. Submissions close on the 11th of September. For more details on The Yalinguth Prize, you can visit their Facebook page.


Robbie Bundle is a singer-songwriter and musician who has been writing and performing music for more than 35 years. In 2014, Robbie formed the Melbourne Community Indigenous Film Collective (MCIFC), an unincorporated Indigenous organisation that supports the development of Indigenous filmmakers in Victoria. Robbie has been a key force in initiating Yalinguth and is a member of the Project Working Group. 


We return to our Thursday Breakfast poetry and writing segment. This week we hear Groundwork a text written and read by Snack Syndicate. The text was part of 'Endless Study, Infinite Debt' produced with Liquid Architecture in June this year. Snack Syndicate is Andrew Brooks and Astrid Lorange


Scheherazade speaks with JN Joniad, a Rohingya refugee and journalist presently living in Jakarta, Indonesia. JN was studying engineering in Myanmar when he was forced to abandon his chosen career path and flee into exile. He has since become a student of political science as well as a writer and human rights activist searching for a safe and durable solution for refugees in Indonesia and around the world. He joins us to discuss Rohingya persecution, life in limbo for people seeking asylum in Indonesia, and the added COVID-19 dynamics.




Miiesha ft. Hoodzy, JessB, JessWar - Hold Strong

Birdz, Fred Leone - Bagi-la-m Bargan