Liberation Loops, #NoWorkerLeftBehind, Soundscape of Ibn Abbou

Thursday, 9 April 2020 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Acknowledgement of country


News headlines with Cait Kelly


We listen to Episode 4 of Liberation Loops, a 3CR mini series produced by Carly Baque. The series explores the different practices people are using to challenge the criminal legal system, how folks are already addressing violence in their own communities and some of the ways people are learning to heal from harm. This week Carly speaks with poet, writer and community organiser, Vincent Silk.


We listen to an excerpt from the United Workers Union online picket line, part of the #NoWorkerLeftBehind campaign. A panel of workers and unionists discuss all those left out of the government's wage subsidy including casual and migrant workers. 


We listen to a soundscape recorded and produced by Scheherazade in the rapidly urbanising city of Tangiers, Morocco. Scheherazade introduces and translates the French and Arabic we hear in the piece. 



Baro Sura, Silentjay - IN UR EYES

Slim Set - Gee Up & Spray

Pataphysics - Shake the Roots

Fanau Spa - Leather and Wood