Primera Linea, Robbie Thorpe, Melbourne Free University, Anticolonial Asian Alliance, FAMILI EP

Thursday, 6 February 2020 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Acknowledgement of country

News with Cait Kelly 

We listen to the English translation of a speech from the Primera Linea (Front Line) given on the 25th January at the InterAmerican Forum of Human Rights in Santiago Chile. The Forum determined that the Human Rights abuses in Chile are systematic.

We hear audio of Uncle Robbie Thorpe speaking at Invasion Day 2020.

We speak with Gerald Roche, one of the organisers of Melbourne Free University, to discuss upcoming MFU events. Tonight at the Alderman MFU present a session on the Israeli annexation of Palestine.

Carol and Yanni from the Anticolonial Asian Alliance join us in the studio. They share AAA’s statement, to be published today, addressing the public racism surrounding the coronavirus and draw links between these experiences and ongoing First Nation and refugee struggles and histories of white supremacy and Anti-Blackness. 

Ripley and Meleika join us to discuss FAMILI a platform for Pasifka artists to come together and explore identity. The FAMILI EP launch is tonight at the Abbotsford convent as part of Midsumma. Fresh hip hop, new wave R&B, Oceanic musicality, words, and movement. Focusing on Oceanic, LGBTQIA+ and diaspora experiences. Artists: Wahe, Lay the Mystic, Luscious, Kalala, Lonelyspeck, Iki, Bella Waru and Meleika Gesa-Fatafehi.


Survive - DRMNGNOW

Drowning -Miiesha 

Blackfellas - Nooky 

Chapter One - Dallas Woods