Strategies to Subvert the Narrative, Threatened Species in the Great Dividing Range, Workers Cooperatives and Diversity in the Aus Publishing Industry

Thursday, 23 May 2019 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Acknowledgement of Country

Cait with news headlines     

Carly travelled to Meanjin to speak with counsellor, narrative therapist and workshop facilitator Michelle Dang from Healing and Justice about strategies and sneaky tactics for people to use who work in social services and non-governmental organisations that don't reflect individual worker's values, beliefs and politics.

James Trezise is a policy analyst with the Australian Conservation Foundation and the co-author of a recently released report that found the Great Dividing Range will become climatically unsuitable for 26 native species within 60 years if the current global high emissions trajectory continues.

Mark from Earthworker joins us in the studio to talk about workers cooperatives as a way to give power back to communities and combat capitalist/neoliberal forces as well as climate change.

Hella Ibrahim and Tresa LeClerc join us in the studio to talk about whether diversity is adequately supported within the Australian Publishing Industry and the lack of statistical research to address this. They are part of a team that set up the FNPOC Count seeking to count the number of books by First Nations and POC writers published in 2018. They also set up a Facebook page.