Sudanese Uprisings, Stop deaths in Custody, River Country Health, White Supremacist Conference in Finland, Genital Normality

Thursday, 11 April 2019 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Presented by Grace and Scheherazade

Acknowledgement of Country

Alt news: the viral icon of the Sudanese uprisings Alaa Salah and women's frontline role in uprisings and revolts in Nubia/East Africa     

Cheryl from Indigenous Social Justice Association talks about Stop deaths in custody both onshore and offshore contingent at 'Palm Sunday' rallies for refugees and the links between incarceration of Indigenous and refugee folx.

Megan Williams, River Country Coordinator at Friends of the Earth Melbourne, chats about the latest updates with the Darling River, its mismanagement, and the importance of water and healthy rivers.

Shakira Hussein, researcher and academic, has been following far-right groups in Australia for a number of years and discusses the far-right trends we're seeing in the wake of the white supremacist conference in Finland a few days ago and Christchurch.

Camille Nurka, independent gender studies scholar, traces the origins of contemporary ideas of genital normality. Her book Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery delves a long tradition of pathologizing 'female anatomy' and how 'medicin' shapes our commonly held ideals.

The original 855am and 3CR Digital versions of the program featured the following music track Yemen Blues by Jat Mahibathi  (Removed from the podcast due to license restrictions)