Whiteness in Punk, Music as a Political Platform, Media Responses to Christchurch, Destruction of Sacred Tree Sites, Drug Awareness

Thursday, 21 March 2019 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Interview with Jacob and Harry from Dispossessed Part 1: on the whiteness of the punk scene and Australia as an active prison colony

Interview with Jacob and Harry from Dispossessed Part 2: on using music as a political platform to inspire change and fundraising for Gamilaraay mob on country facing a water crisis

 Shakira Hussein talks about community and media response to Christchurch and the failure to address the structures that enable white supremacy 

Uncle Robbie Thorpe (on Fire First) speaks with Zallanach at the Djap Wurrung embassy about the importance of continued to resist and protest the intended beginning of works that would destroy sacred tree sites and how you can support. 

Kate Pern, Daniel Wars and Gaia Miler-Foote join us in the studio to talk about the PARTi project (Sesh Ed), a peer-led harm reduction project, and free drug awareness trainingnext Wednesday 27th March.

The original 855am and 3CR Digital versions of this program featured the following music tracks: 

DRMNGNOW, Indigenous Land (Removed from the podcast due to license restrictions)