Birmingham's assault on independent research; Sara Ahmed - On Complaint; the rise of Bolsonaro in Brazil; So You Think You Can Pod; 38 Nations Rally

Thursday, 1 November 2018 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Thursday Breakfast 1 November 2018

with Katia 

7.00am Acknowledgement of Country

7.03am Song dedication to EmSophiegrophy - Purple $way 

7.07am Alternative News - Birmingham vetos ARC grants, Tehan calls for a 'National Interest Test' as we watch our right to education, free speech and the pursuit of social knowledge go down the drain.

7.13am Song dedication to ScheherazadeJamilla Woods feat. Noname - VRY BLK 

7.17am  Part one: The Wheeler Centre in conjunction with Deakin Gender and Sexuality Studies Research Network hosted a lecture by Sara Ahmed, independent feminist scholar, writer and activist on her new research project - On complaint.  

7.28am Part two: Sara Ahmed - on complaint.  

7.40am Song dedication to ApeecJanelle Monáe - Yoga

7.44am The folk from Completada Bailable speak to Denise Frizzo, journalist, Doctor in Social Sciences and co-author of the 2018 book `Brazilians Abroad: Emigrant Voting and Political Engagement’, about the rise of Bolsonaro in Brazil.

8.00am Katia speaks to Sophie Black, Head of Publishing at the Wheeler Centre about 'So You Think You Can Pod' competition.

8.12am Song dedication to myself (Katia)Sampa the Great feat. Remi - Flowers

8.18am Robbie Thorpe speaks to Lidia Thorpe, Greens Member for Northcote, at the 38 Nations rally. Elders came together to call for their voice and the voice of 27 nations left out of the treaty process to be heard.

8.23am Song dedication to Summer and getting out that doorLion Babe - The Wave  

8.27am It's a wrap!