Appropriation of Amazing clothing, political prisoner Dr Shahidul Alam, Ashmore Reef port authorisation, Hella Ibrahim on the MWF

Thursday, 23 August 2018 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Thursday Breakfast 23 August 2018

with Em, Katia Scheherazade 

7.00am Acknowledgement of country

7.04am Sophiegrophy - Baby let's fly(link is external)

7.09am Milouda - Gar Gar Ya Zoubida(link is external)

7:15am Em and Katia speak with presenter, Scheherazade Bloul, about the appropriation of Amazigh cultural products in the wake ofMadonna wearing Amazigh clothing to the VMA(link is external)s.

7:33am Katia speaks with Saiful Islam, colleague and brother-in-law of Dr Shahidul Alam, photographer, writer, curator, activist and Chairperson of Majority World who iscurrently imprisoned in Bangladesh(link is external) for "provocative comments" made in an Al-Jazeera interview.

7:49am Em and Katia speak with Rachel Saravanamuthu, Senior Lawyer at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre's Human Rights Law Program about theauthorisation of Ashmore Reef as a port(link is external) to validate the detention of 1,600 asylum seekers.

8:05am Quater to Africa - Tahabil(link is external)

8:09am Kaiit - OG Luv Kush Pt.2 (link is external)

8:11am Scheherazade speaks to Hella Ibrahim, Egyptian-Australian Muslim editor, founder and editorial director of Djed Press about her upcomingMelbourne Writers Festival events.

8:27am Update on the US Prison Strike and the Turnbull Dutton spill