Centrelink "Robodebt", Global Compact on Refugees, Humanitarianism, Race Studies and protest against anti-LGBTIQ hate tour

Thursday, 16 August 2018 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Thursday Breakfast 16 August 2018

with Em and Katia

7:00am Acknowledgment of Country

7:05am Petero Thony - No No

7:09am Alternative News

7:15am Cassandra Goldie, CEO ACOSS, joins us to discuss the risk and negligence of Centrelink's most recent robodebt trial

7:30am Jeswynn Yogaratnum, lecturer of law, speaks about the current status of the Global Compact on Refugees

7:45am May Maloney on receiving the Mary Fran Myers Gender and Diasater Award 

7:56am Sophygrophy - Purple $way

8:00am Alana Lentin, President of the Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Association, on a new unit at Western Sydney University - Understanding Race

8:15am Iris, 3CR's Queering the Air, talks about a snap protest against the extreme anti-LGBTIQ hate tour by Quentin Van Meter and an anti-trans book launch hosted by the reactionary right wing Australian Families Association