SPECIAL PROGRAM - Enough is Enough: Beyond #Africangangs

Thursday, 9 August 2018 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Thursday Breakfast 9 August 2018

SPECIAL PROGRAM Enough is Enough: Beyond #Africangangs

Thursday Breakfast were joined by four amazing guests live on air for a panel discussion about the everyday impacts of the #AfricanGangs narrative on community, connecting this to bigger issues of systemic racism, anti-blackness and colonisation, and focusing on some of the incredible initiatives and stories from the African community here in Narrm/Melbourne.
Presenters: Apeec Nhial and Scheherazade Bloul
Special guests:
Meriki Onus from the Gunnai, Djap Wurrung and Gunditjmara nations, is a community member living on unceded territory of Narrm. Meriki has been involved in activism on the over incarceration of Aboriginal people, Aboriginal deaths in custody, youth justice and most recently saving Djap Wurrung sacred sites. Meriki has also worked in the Community Legal Centre sector on and off for the past seven years, with a particular focus on survivors of family violence.
Maker Mayek is a lawyer and co-campaigner behind the original #AfricanGangs social media campaign.
Saba Alemayoh is a conscientious social entrepreneur, the founder of Afro Hub that provides a platform for African talent. Incorporated within her restaurant attempting to use the existing capitalist structure to create the empowerment she wants to see.
Areej Nur is a radio journalist and co-founder of African artists collective Still Nomads.
Music by hip hop artists from the African community living on Naarm.
P-Unique Everlasting Ft. Kara
ROR - Prophecies Ft. P-Unique
Sophiegrophy - Purple $way
Sampa the Great - F E M A L E