International Women's Day - Historic and current Feminisms, Decolonization/De-Centering Feminism & Representation of Women

Thursday, 8 March 2018 - 7:00am to 9:00am

Amazing Guest List for Today's March 8 #TakeBackIWD Show:

Adele Murdolo @AdeleMurdolo - Executive Director - MCWH (Multicultural Centre for Women's Health)

Shakira Hussein @shakirahussein- Academic and writer - Gender, multiculturalism and Islam; Muslim Women, Gendered Violence and Racialised Political Discourse

Iris Lee - 3CR's Queering the Air - Writer, Activist and Hospitality Employee for Naarm/Melbourne. 

Hella Ibrahim - @Djed Press- Founder and Editorial Director - Writer, Editor & Publisher

Jane Green (@VixenCollective) - Media Liaison - Vixen Collective - Victoria’s Peer Only Sex Worker Organization.

Here to Discuss the Following Topics:

History and current feminisms - How did IWD come about? People talk about feminism movements in waves, what are your understandings of feminism? What are some awesome things that people are doing activism wise

Decolonisation/De-centering certain feminism - History of feminism in the west and current globalised context centres on white, middle-class, hetero-normative, ableist and wipes out other perspectives and voices.

Representation - Importance, Problematisation of Representation, and Tokenism

(Producer: Michele Vescio. Assistant Producer: Bernadette Jurik. Tech: Corey Green)