A Relational Economy? What would that look and feel like?

Friday, 24 November 2023 - 10:00am to 10:30am


Jacques talks with Jack Manning Bancroft about his new book: Hoodie economics: Changing our systems to value what matters. (Published in August 2023 by Hardie Grant Books - Richmond/Melbourne)

'Hoodie Economics' is not your regular economics book... Jack Manning Bancroft, founder and CEO of te mentoring program AIME pulls apart what 'people in suits' might think of as economics, and presents a revolutionary new value system - one that celebrates relationships over transactions and incorporates Idigenous knowledge and ideas from those on the margins of society' (from Books and Publishing).

The values the Borderlands Cooperative has been pursuing – however implicitly that may have been happening - are and remain since our inception‘relationality, diversity and inclusion’ as we reiterated in our program in February this year... in fact, our very first program of Think Again, now 4 ½ years ago in June 2019, was about ‘relationality’ and we have come back to this theme again and again in the course of our conversations and what this might mean in our living practice and the systems we perpetuate… so listening to Jack's responses and reading his book really felt confirming...

His links with Deakin  University's Indigenous Knowledge Systems Lab are revealed all across the interview and the book... really worthwhile investigating!

Friday 10:00am to 10:30am
Think Again offers weekly conversations and reflections about current events, trends and public pronouncements on contemporary and emerging issues. The show moves beyond what we read and hear via the public and ‘social’ media, to invite alternative possibilities to guide our thinking, living and organising.


Jennifer Borrell & Jacques Boulet