The Right to fight for Climate II Newretro II This is the week II Women, Life Freedom

Saturday, 11 March 2023 - 7:30am to 9:00am
IWD 2023

The Right to fight for Climate here II We go to the mass meeting called by GECO the Goongerah Environment Centre, around the right to organise for climate and the environment which are being threatened by upcoming law changes in Victoria in May.

The resolutions passed resolved to take a mass action to defend the environment and potentially take high court action to contest the State Laws.

Newretro here II Choreographer & Director of the LGI Inc dance company Lucy Guerin joins us to talk about Newretro which explores 21 years of dance with a dance piece which takes advantage of the whole of the ACCA space with audiences able to move around the space at will. Opens 25 March running to April 2 tickets. it is part of Framed : a biennial of dance.

This is the week here II Kevin Healy runs through the week with a satire knife.

Women, Life Freedom here II A strong theme at the Melbourne IWD day march, joined by an Iranian speaker and a strong contingent of Iranian/Australian actvists in support of the women in Iran. Other speakers included Deb James, IEU and President VHTC; Lizbeth Latham NTEU organiser; and Ashley Wyatt Big Steps. Will Stracke from the VTHC mc'd.