Forest Defenders against VicForests II Seismic Testing Otway Basin II This is the Week II Regenerative Songlines II Protest Environmental Contamination in the West

Saturday, 17 September 2022 - 7:30am to 9:00am

Forest Defenders against VicForests here II Earlier this month the Supreme Court gave the all clear for VicForests to clear fell Llama logging coupe - a habitate site of endangered Greater Gliders. We talk to Mark who locked on in protest at the coupe about what happened and why ordinary people need to take radical action to defend nature. 

Seismic Testing Otway Basin here II Judith Peppard from Earth Matters shares with us her research into the extraordinarily environmentally invasive plan to do seismic testing of the Otway Basin for gas deposits. Judith's full report can be heard on Oct 2 Earth Matters 11am.

This is the Week here II The deluge of Queen death material has not stopped Kevin Healy finding some of the other important news of the week.

Regenerative Songlines here II The Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) has been running a month of webinair's for Earth Laws Month. Here we play Mary Graham talking at Sustainability Regeneration and Caring for Country event.

Protest Environmental Contamination in the West here II Liz Walsh from the Victorian Socialist talks about the upcoming public rally to highlight the toxic waste problems in the West Suburbs of Melbourne. The event is being held Sunday 25 Oct 1pm at Sushine Plaza, Hampshire Road, Sunshine info.