X-Rebellion II No Comment II OTW II This is the Week that Was II IR Laws Reviewed

Saturday, 27 March 2021 - 7:30am to 9:00am

X-Rebellion II Jordan reports on one of the events held over the last week to highlight the climate emergency by X-Rebellion. Participants explain why they are there on the streets.

No Comment II a look at the exhibition on at the Nicholas Building in Melbourne. NO COMMENT is the first solo exhibition by artist, musician and theory by Bridget Chappell with exhibition design by Debris Facility. Jordan particularly looks at the high frequency equipment being used by Police to use sound to disperse protest.

OTW II Duncan talks with Kristen O'Connelly from the AUWU

This is the Week that Was II Kevin wraps-up the week.

IR Laws Reviewed II We talk to Alison Pennington, Senior Economist at the Centre for Future Work at the Australia Institute.

What happened in the Senate last week and what it means with some discussion on what needs to be done by workers for change?